Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Geography Resources

National Geographic Education Update Newsletter

This monthly newsletter provides links to resources related to world geography.

National Geographic Xpeditions

The National Geographic Xpeditions page includes resourses for teachers, parents and students. Within the Activites area, students can do missions - small to larger research projects related to geography. Many of these activities can be done independently or with a partner.

National Geographic Geo Bee - Today's Quiz

Take a daily geography quiz of 10 questions. The questions are pretty hard and cause you to think about places all over the world - maybe you will get some idea of places you would like to visit or know more about!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

United States History Resources

The first curriculum meetings of the year will not begin until September 18th but resources are already coming into the curriculum office. I will share a few here and hope that the seed will be planted to add more as the year progresses.


This site contains text, images, sound and video about Lincoln and his legacy.

Mark Twain' Mississippi River

The geography and life along the Mississippi River are the subjects of this site.

The American Archives

An extensive collection of Revolutionary era texts and primary sources

Please bring websites that are useful to you to curriculum meetings and visit this blog often.

Tools for Teachers

Tools for Thought by Jim Burke 2002

At this website Jim Burke and Heinemann Publishing have provided the graphic organizers that accompany his book Tools for Thought. Included are bookmarks and role sheets for literature circles. He has also included graphic organizers for note-taking and organizing information.

This site offers lesson plans in the area of language arts. Many of the lessons can be used in all areas of the curriculum.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Constitution Day

Founding Documents Podcasts

The site, provides the founding documents of the United States in podcast form. Thanks goes out to LeAnnette for finding this source.

Constitution Resources

Meet the delegates who gathered in Philadelphia in May 1787 to rewrite
the Articles of Confederation. Learn what issues they faced. Discover
the sources that inspired them. Read the essays printed in New York
City papers urging ratification of the delegates' proposal. Explore a
200-year timeline showing the impact of the Constitution on our history.
Search the Constitution, and see explanations of 300 topics.

Celebrate Constitution Day

Sign the U. S. Constitution yourself! Read the Constitution in its original form and in a transcript. View
Webcasts of Senator Byrd's remarks and discussions on federalism and
checks and balances.

The Constitution of the United States

View high resolution scans of the original, signed Constitution. Obtain
a transcript. Read an essay about the Constitutional Convention. Learn
dozens of fascinating facts about the Constitution. Learn about each of
the signers of the Constitution.

Observing Constitution Day

Find out about the delegates who signed the Constitution on September
17, 1787.

The Constitution Game

Explore, in this simulation, how the members of the Constitutional
Convention might have felt as they gathered in Philadelphia's
Independence Hall and began the task of writing the Constitution.

The Ratification of the Constitution

Uncover the issues involved in the creation and ratification of the
Constitution and the new government it established.

These resources and annotations were provided by:
Alex Stein, Team Leader
Teaching American History Team
Office of Innovation and Improvement
U.S. Department of Education

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Literature Circle Resources

Welcome to the Literature Circles Resource Center, College of Education, Seattle University

Several teachers have come to talk with me about assessment of student learning in Literature Circle Groups. This website provides additional ideas and rubrics for extensions and evaluation. Another element of this site is the weekly schedule of one teacher.

Literature Learning Ladders: Themes and Literature Circles

This website offers a host of links and suggestions about starting and using literature circles in the classroom. It also includes a section on using technology when conducting literature circles.


On this website from the Waloon Conferences, teachers can find handouts from recent workshops and conferences hosted by Harvey Daniels and Nancie Atwell among others. Included are graphic organizers, rubrics and checklists for cooperative, academic work!