Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Building Learning Communities 2009

Here are some of the tools presented at the Building Learning Communities 2009 Conference. Please let me know if you would be interested in trying any of these resources and want to work together.

Archive.org Have you ever wanted to look at an earlier version of a website? Do you want students to evaluate how a website or organization has changed its message or image over time? Use the site archive.org and the "wayback machine" to look at all of the different versions of a site over the history of this site.

ipadio Ipadio offers a service where people can use a phone to talk onto the internet, in other words, post to a phlog. One of the presenters at the conference, Sara Kajder has a class account where she has a phone number that students can call into to post things that they have written or created at school or at home. Wow this is cool!

Flickr Project 365 I am not as familiar with this project because it is currently blocked by our filter. My understanding is that it has to do with using photos taken each day and journaling along with the photos. The teacher presenting this resource had students create character journals to accompany the novels that they were reading using images and formating on Flickr.

Beth's Delicious Page This page has all of my educational links. Hope they are useful to you!

John Davitt's Event Learning Generator This is an incredibly fun tool. Have a look! I heard that it is also an app that can be downloaded to iTouch/iPod.

Wordle Word Clouds Word Clouds? What are these? Create your own and think about what we could use them for with students...

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