Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teaching History with Technology

Another site created by Tom Daccord. Have look-see:)

Nurturing the 21st Century Humanities Teacher

In a session with Tom Daccord, he shared his work with a team of teachers where they re-wrote a history course around themes. In some ways it sounds a lot like what we strive for but a times don't hold true to.

(by the way he used Prezi to do his presentation)

The turning point for his team was feeling far behind in the textbook as always.

“Needing to catch up” They asked themselves, "What is our mission as educators of history?" - independence - Goal is not your mission - nurture skills in kids. Goal is to cover content - Mission is to nurture skills to develop independence in learning!

Skills v Content

So their course centered around:

Year long course around 5 questions

Needing to ask meaningful questions -essential questions for the course and which for what will be studies

  • To what extent is America a land of opportunity?
  • What is the proper role of government in the lives of Americans?
  • What is America’s place in the world?
  • What is the problem is race in American history?
Leads to other questions - but begins with a big meaty question

Ideas for us - World History - social structure - looking at class in America today? Does medieval life have a comparison to

the America today?

World History was working on something similar - frustrated with the surface level of what they were teaching

Sept-Dec - Middle East - broke into politics, economics, religion - Is the conflict in the middle east unresolvable? - area studies, historical focus, geography, - have to have contemporary issues

A challenge: the teachers saw that students started to lose the sense of chronology - students needed an overview - as a group the students wrote their own reader. This makes me wonder about copyright.

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