Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Resources: Real Reading for Real Teens

Real Reading for Real Teens - Hardscrabble Grant:

The Essex County Community Foundation once again supported Collins this past year with many grants. One of the grants helps to increase the number of books for students reading below grade level. The purpose of these books is to give teachers and students more variety when selecting literature circle books. The literature circle approach is one way that teachers here at Collins work to intervene in the regular classroom when students read below grade level. At times, teachers have struggled to find enough titles for students to choose from. The HIP Jr. and HIP Sr. books were selected for their high interest topics, presentation that is age appropriate and text which is accessible for a variety of reading levels. Each title has a lexile as well as a reading level. Each title also has a Teacher's Guide that includes activities for literature circles.

Please have a look at the titles below and include them in your next literature circle choice selection.

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