Friday, June 21, 2013

Social Studies - Common Assessment Resouces

Model Units - Common Core State Standards - Literacy in History and Social Studies

This unit on the U.S. Constitution provides an example of a Curriculum Embedded Performance Assessments (CEPA).  Possible example for DDMs?

National Council for the Social Studies

I liked this site for a couple of reasons.  It provides links to work that districts and teachers have done to create performance based assessments as well as a Criteria Worksheet for Selecting Assesment Measures.  I think this worksheet could be helpful as we look at our current assessments as well as newer ones for revision.

National Council for Geographic Education

World History Association

World History for Us All

District Determined Measures

DESE Guide on District Determined Measures

This is one a few resources provided by the DESE to guide districts in developing or identifying District Determined Measures.  If you find others, please let me know!

Expanded Explanation of DDMs

Technical Guide A from DESE

Technical Guide from DESE

Webinar's on the development of DDMs

These look to be useful but probably more than most folks want to dive into.  I aim to view them prior to meeting and talking about DDMs

Digital Nonfiction Text Sets - Teachers' College

Summary from the Reading and Writing Project Site at Teachers' College: "We have gathered a few digital resources to support your students forming cause groups and doing some outside research about these causes in the last bend of this unit. As always, we suggest previewing these texts before giving them to your students in order to find ones that are best suited for your particular students. This list is ongoing. We have tried to find a range of topics and levels, and welcome your suggestions for additional texts. Please email with any other resources you find to add to this list."