Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Section from the Marshall Memo on YA Reading


-    Have teachers this year done anything that made you interested in reading a certain book? What was it?

-    Have you read something this year that was so memorable you keep thinking about it or you told someone else about it?

-    Have other people this year helped you decide to read certain books? Who? What did they do or say that made you want to read?

-    Do you talk with anyone about the books you read? Who do you talk to, and what kinds of things do you talk about?

-    Have you started to read a book in school that you found confusing? What happened with that?

-    Tell me something about your reading in classes other than English (social studies, science, math, etc.). What has been interesting or challenging about those experiences?

-    How has your reading at home changed this year?

-    What will happen with your reading this summer?

-    What did you learn as a reader this year?

-    Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about your reading?


“Engagement with Young Adult Literature: Outcomes and Processes” by Gay Ivey and Peter Johnston in Reading Research Quarterly, July/August/September 2013 (Vol. 48, #3, p. 255-275),; Ivey can be reached at

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